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For all you New Yorkers in the house: Remember the one who marched in the Slayer pride parade...

See under the cut to find out about the special Joyce-a-rific Buffy Sing-A-Long happening Mother's Day in NYC.

Don't worry, my fellow Chicagoans; our time is coming around again June 8 & 9.

May 11 & 12 - New York City

Posted: 01 May 2007 02:18 PM GMT-06:00

Fri Apr 20, Sat Apr 21 @ Midnite
At the IFC Center - 323 6th Ave at W 3rd St
All Tickets Now On Sale! Friday Saturday

    SUMMARY: What should you do for mom on Mother’s Day weekend? How about celebrating by singing side-by-side at the Buffy Sing-a-Long! Buffy is the show that mothers and daughters and sons (and even absent fathers) all enjoy together. And to make that family bond just a bit stronger, we’re dedicating this weekend’s shows to a mom we all know and love, Joyce Summers.
    Okay, sure, she wasn’t perfect - she did date that abusive robot guy and try to burn Buffy as a witch - but parenting is a learning curve and Joyce was more than willing to grow and change. She was proud of her daughter’s bravery, came to accept the Slayer’s destiny, and even embraced an over-emotional little ball of energy as one of her own. She also had sex with Giles on the hood of a police car. Twice! Rock on, Joyce!
    Before the sing-a-long begins, we’ll show some of our favorite Buffy’s Mom moments, and even challenge you to try and raise a slayer in our Buffy-oke contest. After we’re done with the singing, sit back and enjoy a favorite Joyce-centric Buffy episode as well: School Hard (Friday) and Band Candy (Saturday). Rest in peace, Joyce, you truly rocked (and made great fruit punch).

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