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Watching the ALMAs...

As I mentioned over at the Grey's Anatomy community:

Big fan of the ALMAs here (American Latino Media Arts Awards)!

Watched them for years--and I'm not even Latina! As for Spanish, I understand what people are saying--y'know, about every eighth word or so (hey, 2 years of high school Spanish does not take you very far)!

It's just cool to see all the actors and musicians and writers and journalists and activists all together--and getting to be themselves, speak in their own voices.

I kinda hoped Sara Ramirez would win... but I'm not surprised that tonight belongs to America and "Ugly Betty"!


George Lopez received an Achievement in Television Award for his 5-year series, "The George Lopez Show." Must be bittersweet seeing as ABC unceremoniously canceled the show--which completely shocked me! I mean, I know it was "on the bubble," but I so didn't take that seriously, I just knew that ABC would renew it for another year!

In any case, it was cool to see War! I didn't know they were still together and playing!! Good to hear, as George Lopez called it (while he played along on cowbell), the Chicano National Anthem!

If anything, the award show definitely brought the following cable movies to my attention and I'm going to try to see them:

* Walkout

* Quinceañera


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(Deleted comment)
Jun. 7th, 2007 02:23 am (UTC)
See, I missed all that, because I got home late while playing computer tech for my Mom's church's secretary (can you make that up??). I didn't come in until after it had been on for 40 minutes already.

Eva did an opening monologue??! Geez, why in the world would she even try that??

Remember, Mario used to be on a show where he got applause every time he just flexed a muscle, so this dancing stuff is just pure gravy for him and the ladies.
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