Valsadie (valsadie) wrote,

Finally, FINALLY saw the last few Doctor Who episodes

Was talking this over with a friend of mine
Jack was SO AWESOME! I just watched the last three eps all in a row and when Jack said he was called "The Face of Boe" I almost fell O-VER! WHAT?!!? WHAT?!?! NO FREAKIN' WAY!!!

Now. That said. WHAT'S THIS ##@!&&%%% ABOUT MARTHA "GOING OUT" AND NOT TRAVELING WITH THE DOCTOR ANYMORE!?!? So help me, if that sticks for next year, I'm gonna go to the UK and make Russell T Davies's life so miserable--if nothing else, I'm gonna smash to pieces ALL HIS SCISSOR SISTERS CDs!!

At least I can now stop ducking the Doctor Who forums and participate in the discussions. And Martha pairing up with some scruffy doctor guy--what is this, "Gray's Anatomy" or something?!
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