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Was talking this over with a friend of mine
Jack was SO AWESOME! I just watched the last three eps all in a row and when Jack said he was called "The Face of Boe" I almost fell O-VER! WHAT?!!? WHAT?!?! NO FREAKIN' WAY!!!

Now. That said. WHAT'S THIS ##@!&&%%% ABOUT MARTHA "GOING OUT" AND NOT TRAVELING WITH THE DOCTOR ANYMORE!?!? So help me, if that sticks for next year, I'm gonna go to the UK and make Russell T Davies's life so miserable--if nothing else, I'm gonna smash to pieces ALL HIS SCISSOR SISTERS CDs!!

At least I can now stop ducking the Doctor Who forums and participate in the discussions. And Martha pairing up with some scruffy doctor guy--what is this, "Gray's Anatomy" or something?!


Jul. 7th, 2007 06:00 am (UTC)

In casting announcements this week, Freema Agyeman will be appearing two or three times in the first half of Torchwood's second season and returning to Doctor Who "in the second half of [Season 2008]", or some other phrase which leaves it ambiguous whether she'll be in every episode of the second half of the season. There will be another companion in the TARDIS throughout the whole of Season 2008, whose identity has been announced but you haven't asked that and I don't know your spoiler preferences (though you won't last long in online forums without finding out). Rumors that Tennant and Davies will be moving on after Season 2008 are thick and fast but have not been confirmed; or at least I don't recall that they've been confirmed to my satisfaction.

Jul. 7th, 2007 01:55 pm (UTC)
OK, I JUST searched on my own and OMG, I'M FREAKING OUT! Catherine Tate is coming back for the entire season!!? WHOA! That's going to be completely outrageously fun :>!!!

And now I can go back to reading my flist without filtering out the Who & Torchwood communities--yay!