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Proud to know Jeffrey Westhoff!

Like a lot of people, my friend, Jeffrey Westhoff, wasn't impressed by the "Transformers" movie. Unlike a lot of people, he's a movie critic who got to tell others how he felt.

Jeff's review of the "Transformers" movie at

Now unlike a lot of movie critics--or any critics ever--Jeff's negative review got an open personal response from the artist in question! See movie critic Roger Ebert's Answer Man Column for July 27 and scroll down to the fifth question, which reprints Michael Bay's letter to the editor (!) complaining about Jeff's review--?! (But as you'll see, Ebert takes Jeff's side!!)

Q. What do you think of the following controversy? The Northwest Herald in Crystal Lake published this letter from Michael Bay, director of "Transformers":

"The Herald's movie critic, Jeffrey Westhoff, seems to be woefully out of touch with pop culture.

"The 'Transformers' movie's $155 million seven-day haul is the biggest non-sequel opening in box-office history. Numbers like that usually mean positive word of mouth on the film is huge, and people are going back.

"A friend of mine, Steven Spielberg -- he's pretty smart about film -- said Westhoff's review was idiotic. Westhoff's a critic who actually reviewed his dislike for the director, rather then reviewing the movie, like his job description prescribes. Westhoff talks about the director being an 'egomaniacal hack.' Well, I don't believe I've ever had the pleasure of meeting Westhoff, though it sounds like he knows me. If Westhoff actually did know me, he would find me to be a pretty down-to-earth, nice guy.

"I implore the editor to give Westhoff a little relaxation and sunshine, clear his head, let him rediscover that moviegoing is supposed to be a fun experience.

"Maybe even help him get rid of his hatred."

Michael Bay, Los Angeles

Submitted by Charlie Smith, Chicago

A. Spielberg, a nice, down-to-earth guy, is more than a friend of Bay's; he's a producer of "Transformers." I've never had the pleasure of meeting Bay, but I did like his movie more than Westhoff did. I gave it three stars, while it only scored a "rotten" 56 percent on the Tomatometer. Westhoff's review is smart and funny and wonderfully well-written, although perhaps the words "egomaniacal hack" were incautious. I am glad Bay defended himself against that charge in McHenry County, although he still has a lot of ground to cover.

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