Valsadie (valsadie) wrote,

Journeyman vs. Doctor Who

Creatively speaking, the oldest "father" of the new NBC show, "Journeyman," is "Doctor Who." So isn't it ironic that both the latest incarnation of The Doctor and this new show's lead actor are both born and bred Scotsmen, talking through their natural accents on their respective shows--?? We should get David Tennant and Kevin McKidd in a room together... and have John Barrowman "translate" what they say ;>!

"Journeyman" looks crazy iffy--there seems to be no rhyme nor reason to his traveling back and forth. Why is he doing it? How? Why him? It's not making a whole lot of sense. With The Doctor, it's his mission--you can even say it's his culture, his life, his history. "Quantum Leap" was random, but you knew that was part of it, just the way the experiment worked. And we can laugh our asses off at "Early Edition" and the cat and the next day's newspaper, but even if it was never quite explained, it was at least consistent. "Journeyman" strikes me as not wanting to explain anything because... that's the best way it has of covering up the fact that it's such an amalgam of all these other shows--and see how well that's working?!

That should be the lesson--the less you explain, the less you're defined. It doesn't cover up the tracks, it exposes them all the more. I mean, look at "Doctor Who" and the "Bill & Ted" movies. Time traveling in a phone booth was ridiculously blatant--but you still would never confuse the two with one another.
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