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2008's First Country Music Therapy

I was all set to post this to my blog--but ended up posting it as a highly-needed comment on another's LJ first! But here it is:

It's not that whole cliche' of "she's not a little girl anymore" -- which in the eyes of today's music business, seems to mean it gives them permission to dress you like some kind of hoochie mama (yes, Rihanna and Christina Milian, I'm looking at YOU) -- but LeAnn Rimes is growing into a seriously kick-ass artist, including writing her own songs. Here's LeAnn singing one of her latest songs, "Destructive," on the show, Live from Abbey Road (a kind-of UK version of the old Unplugged VH1 show):

by LeAnn Rimes
(singer and songwriter)

if i could smoke a cigarette right now i would
rip out of my skin commit the sins oh i could
if i could break a heart and throw it all away for just one night
my conscience wouldn't care if i just went ahead and wrecked my life


i wanna be destructive
trash everything in sight
beat the devil at his game
abuse myself all night
i wanna bitch the world out
one loud aching scream
don't want anybody wanting anything from me

i'm sick of being perfect
with a perfect little smile
pick a fight with danger
be a stranger for myself for a while
wanna come unraveled
have it out with my soul
i'm tired of all the voices telling me which way to go
i wish you'd silence your opinion thats the last thing that i want to know


i'll feel better when i'm sane
but now i wanna feel no pain
i'm just really sick of thinking
i just wanna be destructive


(with some corrections)
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