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News story on cell phone reliance

ETA: Correction!

Or rather, on certain cell phone users. Mo Rocca's story was broadcast on CBS Sunday Morning this morning, and the transcript is here. Video is forthcoming, I guess.

The video embedded below is the actual news story on this, mostly taking place in the UK. Mo Rocca's story is a funny commentary on it. I'll post that when it's available.

No, not strictly blackfolk (to which this is cross-posted, with mistaken video embed and all!)--but you'll know if you resemble these remarks. I don't; in fact, I've watched the ever-growing reliance with ever-growing alarm. Pretty much my feeling is this:


(And nobody gets hurt--!)

And finally (!), what I was originally trying to spotlight, video of Mo Rocca's commentary:


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Apr. 6th, 2008 06:39 pm (UTC)
I don't really get it either. I do like keeping it with me in case something happens, but I don't really pay much attention to it most of the time. I'm not really much of a phone person anyway. If I actually hear it ringing (which is rare when out and about in loud NYC), I'll look and see who's calling, but don't always answer it. And, unless I'm expecting something important, usually turn the ringer off if I'm hanging out with someone. I think it's pretty rude when people answer when you're getting some one on one time unless there's a good reason.

I usually don't freak if I forget it (and sometimes I purposely leave it behind, but that's rare)), but it does feel like something is missing. As much as I don't utilize it, I do like having the option.

Now... going out of town or such without an internet connection? Totally different story ;)
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