Valsadie (valsadie) wrote,

Ooh! Look how BBC America is looking out for us in the USA! (THAT finale commentary!)

OK, we in the USA couldn't get the cool David/Freema/John commentary on the concluding episodes of the last DVD set because of America's desperately-in-need-of-an-overhaul music rights stipulations. But you know what? BBC America is there for us; BBC America understands!

April 10, 2008
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Doctor Who stars David Tennant, Freema Agyeman, and John Barrowman give you an insider's guide to this season's finale in our audio commentary. And you won't find this on any U.S. DVD - you can listen to it EXCLUSIVELY on

During the finale on Saturday, April 19th at 7 pm et/pt, log on to and listen along in real-time as you watch. Be sure to pause during commercials! The audio file is also available for download - for free!

Right click the link and "Save link as..." to save the Audio Commentary. (47MB)

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