Valsadie (valsadie) wrote,

Mistake. Big mistake.

Why the bleep did I watch "Silence in the Library" just now--easily one of the creepiest Doctor Who episodes (written by Steven Moffat, naturally) in recent memory?? I gotta go to work tomorrow morning...

In a library!!!!!

Big ups to the casting department in the ep, though. Lots of eye candy. Well, for me--OtherDave, plus I still have that thing for bald guys with glasses. Wonder if Dr. Moon needs an assistant? I don't think it's sexual harassment if you choose to sit in the boss's lap and take dictation... !

(And do they even think of having communities for fantasy fanfiction with thoroughly-miscellaneous-guest-star-characters-of-Doctor-Who? People are so short-sighted ;>. )

Interesting almost Blackpool reference--Tennant's fellow cast member Steve Pemberton. Blackpool's cast had two actors named David. The episode featured a team of archaelogists with two Davids--ProperDave and OtherDave. Yeah, whatever, Moffat!

Unexpectedly, with all the other mayhem going on, Alex Kingston's professor River Song thoroughly unnerved me. Not annoyed me, because I like Alex Kingston (and she's gotten such a raw deal in so many ways but I digress; she was called specifically for this gig, which is cool personified). But really unnerved me. That is so going to turn out to be a not-very-happy story. Guess I'm feeling a little vulnerable about bad romantic outcomes these days...

The diary is obviously the TARDIS in some way. C'mon, blue with panels? Ya kidding me??

Yeah, caught the fact that the Doctor and River were using the *same* sonic screwdriver.

Along with "New Earth," psychic paper as telegraph machine. Interesting... and still intensely odd!

Oh, and I almost forgot (as I'm sure has already been mentioned): Yeah, Steven, you HATE SPOILERS. Yeah, we get it. Alright already!!

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