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FINALLY Saw the Doctor Who Finale!!!

And so NOW I can return to:

1) LiveJournal Friends Page

2) New Videos List on YouTube

3) Second Life

4) Facebook

I had to AVOID all these things in order to AVOID spoilers. Pure madness! You never--meaning *I* never--realized how much a single TV show had taken up so much of my cyberlife. I couldn't go anywhere, do anything. If not for the sudden daylong Wimbledon's Men Final, I'd have lost my mind.

... Then again, if the excessively (but impressively) prolonged Men's Final had ended when it was *supposed* to, I could have just watched the finale yesterday afternoon like I'd planned--!

All that to lead up to "Rose/Ten 'shippers win!"--? LOL! Good grief, I thought there were loads of fan videos and fan fiction stories before. With *that* ending, I can just imagine the ONSLAUGHT that will ensue. I fear the future. All of you should!!

And while the ending did what it was supposed to do, with Rose and The Doctor ending up together... it was still vaguely creepy to me. Great for Rose, whatever, but she's still just loving the shell (kind of like "Superman II"). And she knows that. Heartfelt kiss, I thought, though.

Bummed The Doctor's all alone AGAIN!

Then again, does he *have* to have another companion? Maybe it's a hangover from seeing everybody all at once--and then seeing everybody leave :( !--but I'm real burned out on companions right now.

What I did like: Yay K-9 :)! Rumors true on Mickey and Martha & Torchwood (Wonder if there's a couple there? Oh, wait, Martha's engaged. Blimey, break it up! There *might* be some chemistry worth tapping there. Noel Clarke's too damn sexy for her--or anyone else--not to notice--!). And very cool nod to Gwen and Gwyneth :)!!!!

And then for Christmas: David Morrissey (full body shudder and coo of delight)!

This summer: Break a leg, Tennant! I also finally got to a "virtual tour photo" of the Courtyard Theatre where David is starring in "Hamlet" and it is so the cutest theatre ever! I'd go no matter what was playing--! Y'know, if I could just hop on a plane and go. Which I can't. But I'm not bitter--nooo, *why* would I be bitter... %**@@##!!!!!


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Jul. 11th, 2008 01:14 am (UTC)
"I fear the future. All of you should!!"
See, this, *this*, THIS is what I'm talking about!

Doctor Who Romance Novel from the DW LJ community

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