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So this week I got not just one but *two* letters from the UK:

1) By registered mail, I got something I'd completely forgotten about, namely a personally autographed photo of David Tennant, courtesy of Headway Essex.

David tennant Headway Essex Photo

Headway Essex is a medical center that focuses on brain injuries, which helped inform Tennant on a film he did with Sarah Parish (he should work with her more often ;>), "Recovery," which probably never has and probably never will be shown here in the States. The center sounded really interesting and I donated money to get the card, as described here. I told them that if they were out of cards by now, it was okay. But they did have one to send me, apparently. Tennant signed a thousand of them, so good thing he can just grow another hand if it became numb--and yes, I'm sorry for injecting a "Doctor Who" in-joke there !

2) I had the nerve to be ever-so-slightly disappointed when I opened the registered letter to get the Tennant photo because I thought that it was something else--which arrived by regular mail the next day, thankfully! I am proud to announce that I am a Golden Sock Angel!!

Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre

(OK, if you don't know I have a su-preme-ly silly side by now, you're just not paying attention--!)

A Sock Angel is someone who sent a donation to the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre so that they could travel to and entertain at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. What is that? Not a clue! (OK, not completely true, I know it's an arts festival. Bu that's all I know--and that's on the web site!)

Seriously, I bumped into the Socks accidentally on YouTube one night, and *I* thought they were funny. And when I saw their "Socks Appeal" video, I thought that if I could help them do something, why not--?

Here's their "Torchwood" parody, "Torchwool"--!

I shan't be sending any more money overseas, though.

If for no other reason, then to discourage my ever again saying "shan't"--!


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Jul. 24th, 2008 02:35 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reminding me about the Headway thing, I keep forgetting. Is there any special instructions for Americans to donate?
Jul. 27th, 2008 08:04 am (UTC)
Here's the info I got (sorry didn't see this 'til today!):

Visit: http://www.justgiving.com/headwayessex and then click on Donate and follow the instructions. In order to cover the donation for the card, justgiving administrative charges and "signed for" postage out of the UK, please ensure you make a minimum donation equivalent to £30 stirling per card. Enter your full name on the site so we can match your donation with your order. This is essential otherwise it is very difficult for us to match your payment and may delay despatch to you. Do not tick the Gift Aid box as you are not a UK taxpayer.

Please email back to this address to confirm that you wish to go ahead with your order and we will reserve the card/s for you for a period of 2 weeks from receipt of your confirmation email. Please include your full name, postal address and number of cards required and paid for. Also a help is your Justgiving reference number.

Should anyone else you know wish to use justgiving as a way to pay for these cards, please ask them to contact us direct before making any payments to check we still have supplies, as we will not be able make refunds.
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