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"I hate these charges," resident Ingrid Ohman told Reuters news agency.

"They're pointless and a waste of money. It would be better to use the money to help people fix their teeth."

-- Excerpt from BBC News story, Stockholm test-runs traffic fees

Can you make this stuff up?!

See, what I was really trying to find was the filmed version of this news story, that I just caught on PBS, flipping channels, which included some Total Stoner Guy dronin' on about how Swedes already pay high taxes and now this is happening, because I wasn't sure if said TSG was a native or was a transplanted American, as I thought I detected in his oh-so-slow speech. But the online version didn't have any of the video footage. No, just the above comic gem.

They're thinking of instituting such charges in New York, specifically in Manhattan. I wonder what New Yorkers would complain the money should be used to fix--!