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How the Socks are doing!

The Socks are doing smashing :)! 

Cracking Bedfringe Review

This is review of our very first Edinburgh preview, in Bedford last week:

(from Bedfordshire on Sunday):

Festival highlights bode well for future

Bedfringe, Bedfordshire's biggest comedy, theatre and music festival, took place last week. It's still in its infancy, unlike the venerable old timer that's been attracting hundreds of thousands of people to Edinburgh every August for the last 62 years. But every day something different was happening and every day there was something to write home about. Leisure editor SUE BRICKAY looks back at a few of them.

When it comes to casting Shakespeare, directors don't usually consider a sock for the part of Macbeth.

Maybe sometimes they should. It's generally acknowledged that an Argyle patterned knee-high would have done a far better job than Peter O'Toole in the 1980 Old Vic production of the Scottish Play.

But socks know their place. Which, as a rule, is on the end of a leg. So it's all the more surprising to see two of them appearing on a stage in Bedford.

But blessed the town was last week when The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Company (two socks, a supporting cast of little scrap heap rejects and a 36 year old bloke called Kevin Sutherland) tried out its 2008 Edinburgh Fringe show.

Silliness is a major feature of the current show. It's probably a major feature (feeture?) of every Falsetto Sock show. For the most part, the entertainment is a lively discourse between two socks with eyes wobbling about on the top of their - I hesitate to call them this - heads, on life, the universe and just-about-every-damnthing.

There are songs including the anthemic 'I'm a Sock' with all the rhymes for sock you could ever possibly think of. There are costume changes (sock in suit and tie; sock in Roman legionary's outfit) and there are occasional appearances by assorted paper cut-outs such as the mysterious German electronic band KraftWerk and long-discarded toys that have seen better days.

But the sock-de-resistance, the tourde- sock, is a 20 minute version of Macbeth in which the heroic twosome play all the characters. You might not be able to pass your GCSE in English Literature on the strength of having seen it but all the salient points are there - performed, of course, in a fine, unflinching falsetto.

Unless you are hopelessly devoid of humour The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Company is worth seeing should you get the chance.

The show will be at the Gilded Balloon in Edinburgh every night at 8.45pm from July 30 - August 24.