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So... no tights, then?

Completely brushed past all the news reports that said David Tennant's production of "Hamlet" with Patrick Stewart would be a modern day retelling -- and so no tights. Rather, he's dressed like some kind of vagabond (dare I say street gangsta ;>? kidding!) at the beginning of the play (see user icon) and then seems to spend the rest of the play in a tuxedo with no tie (!?!). Links to articles, most of which have photos from the dress rehearsal, below...

Use this link to get the latest news on the play -- which goes over to Google News using the terms: Tennant Stewart Hamlet. Press night is Tuesday.

Tennant as Hamlet--pah! Here's the best Hamlet EVER!!!

First pictures of Dr Who's David Tennant as Hamlet
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 9:05 AM on 04th August 2008

'Dr Who' star David prepares for debut as tortured Danish prince
4 AUGUST 2008

David Tennant - from Doctor Who to Hamlet in Stratford
Aug 4 2008 By Marion McMullen

August 4, 2008
To cut or not to cut Hamlet: there's the rub
Gregory Doran
Putting on a full version of Hamlet would have audiences coming out of the theatre after midnight. So what gets the chop?
*** Actually, this is the article to read -- especially if you're going to see the play! -- as it's written by director Gregory Doran, who gives a history of the play and its various texts and then explains some of the changes he's made for his production -- including the one concerning Hamlet's soliloquy.

Who's a great Dane then?
Taking David Tennant out of the Tardis and into Hamlet is a leap in the dark even for a time traveller, director Gregory Doran tells Hermione Hoby
The Observer,  Sunday August 3 2008

Photo from the Coventry Telegraph article above --

Anyone who can figure out what David's Hamlet is supposed to be doing here is a better Shakespearean than *I* am!

David Tennant as Hamlet -- with a cutting board??

"My shiny cutting board! Let me show you it!" --???



Aug. 5th, 2008 09:51 pm (UTC)
In using the word "retelling" I was referring to the costumes only. Certainly not the text!

Despite the use of modern dress being clearly stated in all the articles about the show, I still didn't think I'd be mentioning tuxedos in reference to this production.

At most, I thought Elizabethan dress would be suggested, like in the Royal Shakespeare Company's previous Romeo & Juliet production starring Tennant.

If this Hamlet is wearing t-shirts, I see a giant save to the budget; having Tennant wear his *own* t-shirt collection would still yield a different costume for each performance (two on matinee days!) with more left over at the end of the run unused ;>!