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Yes, TODAY I got my Dell!

Good grief, there are instructions on the box to tell you how to open it properly (well, for the flat screen monitor anyway). I suppose I should be putting it all together right now, but instead I'm sitting here watching my alma mater fight it out with Texas on the Rose Bowl (no, I'm really not a big football booster, and if anything taught me what a Big Business college football can be, it was attending USC, but... whattheheck). The game is going fine, but... the half-time show. Now I know what school I went to and I never tried to make like it was Grambling or Alabama A&M or anything, but... good grief, WHO thought it would be a good idea to play Michael Jackson's "Beat It," complete with crotch-grabbing & thrusting choreography?!? That would have been passe' in 1986, much less here and now in 2006! And have we forgotten how Mr. Jackson spent his 2005 Spring Break?? Ah, whatever!

Hey! My sister just called!
Great news: she's got a story in the Chicago Tribune!!
Bad News: No byline (guess the story wrote itself?!?). But it'll be in newspapers tomorrow :>!

Brookfield Zoo loans pair of polar bears to Memphis


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Jan. 6th, 2006 03:00 am (UTC)
Congrats on the computer and your sister's byline! Link, pls.?

Ah, how will we hear those songs from now on? Very carefully. I went to a wedding a couple of months ago. I thought they were playing "Billie Jean" at one point, but it turned out to be only three minutes or so of a loop of the first eight bars before Jackson's first verse. Spooky!
Jan. 6th, 2006 03:51 am (UTC)
Karen's story is about polar bears...
And isn't it sad that the first thing I thought of was "Lost"?

Here's her story :>!!!

Brookfield Zoo loans pair of polar bears to Memphis

Jan. 6th, 2006 05:04 pm (UTC)
More on Karen!
Karen finished an accelerated one-year Master's degree program at Medill in Magazine Publishing in December :) and so now is doing a three-month internship at the Associated Press Chicago office. I can't imagine AP wouldn't hire her permanently, especially since she managed to get a story out ON HER SECOND DAY THERE! Anyway, ironically, Medill's Magazine Publishing program convinced her to go back to newspapering. And she's doing well -- heck, her internship pays more than my regular job.

Yes, the contrast between her accomplishments and the, well, lack of my own is stark and startling--she got her Master's degree while I had my whole computer/online class debacle, resulting, in a way, in my being even farther away than I was before from getting an undergraduate degree (I haven't heard back from the school but I can't see any good reason, really, why the class won't result in my getting my first "F" ever--and the sad part there is that I wrote a fairly interesting final paper; even my uncle, the former English teacher, liked it, and believe me, he'd have told me if he didn't). I really seem to have lost my way... Maybe I should try Hare Krishna...
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