Valsadie (valsadie) wrote,

Noooooo! Not my beautiful Eartha!

The only thing with having newspeople in the family is that sometimes you hear the bad news first. So I ate Christmas dinner knowing that Eartha Kitt had passed away earlier that day. I've read a couple of Kitt's autobiographies, which were detailed, open, and educational in so many ways. Kitt knew and acted on Sun City and South Africa back in the 1970s -- this was after inciting the ire of President Lyndon B. Johnson with her criticism of the Vietnam War and being blacklisted overnight in the 1960s -- and certainly finding out more about her own past was a real journey for her, as she was born in a very poor area, out-of-wedlock. Certainly the best interview Whoopi Goldberg conducted for her short-lived, little-remembered talk show was with Kitt, which took up two of Whoopi's half-hour episodes. A true original and there'll never be another like her, she will be missed in so many arenas!

I had wished I could attend the HistoryMakers interview she did back in September -- but being a fundraiser, it was $500 a person!

It says it's a PBS TV special, though, so maybe it will air soon!

Eartha Kitt HistoryMakers


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