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See, Internet, you and I used to be friends. But now--now? When was this war declared??!

OK, first AOL removes my 11-year-old web pages (see Internet Archive version from 2000). 11! E-le-ven! That's antiquity in your timeline. I was out there, I was known. I had comfy perches atop both the Yahoo! and Google search engines, when being included in them cost nothing more than the time to fill out a form and submit it. Do you have ANY idea how much companies PAY to get where I was, and I was there, had gotten there completely FREE--?!! But no, they all just went down--whoosh!--like they were never there (and still trying to find time to put them back up properly!).

But I got that. I knew that would most likely happen one day. I tried to get myself to create mirror pages on my domain site two years ago. It's bad to not listen to good advice--and even worse when the good advice came from yourself.

But that all happened back in November. So what inspires today's What fresh hell is this?

Well, I got the Final Notice about Yahoo! LAUNCHcast Radio being shut down. Well, the original version of it anyway. The original version of it which includes my Valsadie Radio station, which I spent YEARS crafting via Artist, Album, and Song ratings!

This would almost not be an issue had I not actually sent an e-mail to Yahoo! just weeks ago asking them if LAUNCHcast was in danger of ending, and I had gotten from them a reply reassuring me that plans were for it to stick around. I knew they were lying, I just couldn't guess how. Well, technically, it wasn't a lie, LAUNCHcast will still be around. It's just being powered by another entity, namely, CBS Radio, that will not allow for personally customized online radio stations -- like the one I have!!

I've had the Valsadie Radio station almost as long as the AOL web pages, about ten years or so, so it just feels like the Internet has turned against me and my contributions to it, banishing them to the cyber-ether! I remember the first few days I had the thing, when it played Deneice Williams tunes around the clock because she was one of the first Artists I rated as 4-stars. now it plays a little bit of anything and everything -- and I even gathered some subscribers along the way! But all that comes to an end tomorrow. * poof! *

R.I.P. Valsadie Radio. We hardly knew ye...

What I said on Facebook about all this (more or less)

Valsadie Radio

You know that thing where you ask a company POINT BLANK if your customized online radio station is going away and they answer, "No, no. Pshaw! How could you think such a thing? It's all good!" And you KNOW they're lying and you CAN"T prove it and then you check your e-mail and you find a note from said company that says, "Oh, sorry, hun, your station is being discontinued. It's only going to be around until, well, TOMORROW!" And you go, "I knew it! I KNEW YOU MOFOs WERE LYING TO ME!$#@*&%$!"

So yeah, I had THAT thing.

Enjoy my lovingly customized online Valsadie Radio station today... before it vanishes into the cyber-ether!


For croonin' and coolin' or bustin' and groovin', ya know Valsadie Radio has your tune! Songs of the Rat Pack -- Songs of the Brat Pack! Hear Prince, Queen, and Toby Keith! Hear "Train in Vain," "Ojos Asi," and "Gotta Get Thru This!" Did she make "Her First Mistake" in "Brokenheartsville?" Hey, "I Feel You!" So "Jump Jive An' Wail" and "Oye Como Va" to Weird Al's "Albuquerque!

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