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World Music Awards finds, pt. 2

Looking through my brother's CD collection, I kept finding CDs by a band named Anggun. I had not a clue who they were or who they were supposed to be. With such a strange name and knowing my brother's tastes in music, my best guess was that they were some German industrial electronica band, making strange noises to an angry pulsing beat.

Yeah. Well, way, way off! Watching the World Music Awards I found out that Anggun was not a band but a person, with a voice anything but electronical--!

Here's Laurent Wolf's big 2008 international club hit, "No Stress," featuring vocals by the lovely and talented Anggun...


NOTE: There's actually two versions of the song. It originally featured vocals by Eric Carter and then a version was made with Anggun. But Carter's and Anggun's voices are so similar the two versions are nearly indistinguishable, as you can hear, just barely, in this mash-up version of both put together by Arief Romire on YouTube.