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John Barrowman back at Joliet West High School, 1983!

On Sunday (March 8 2009), the featured story in the Show section of the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper was "When the Stars Aligned at Joliet West," about how a 1983 production of Oliver! at Joliet West High School (in America, "high school" is where you attend school from ages 13 to 17) included in its cast three future stars: comedian Andy Dick, Rent founding cast member Anthony Rapp, and JOHN!

See a much larger version of the picture that is my icon -- John Barrowman, circa 1983! -- that was posted by the story's writer, Misha Davenport, over on Facebook --
For you "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood" fans

Read the story at the Chicago Sun-Times web site, at:

When the stars aligned at Joliet West,SHO-Sunday-school08.article
A SCHOOL PRODUCTION OF 'OLIVER!' in 1983 brought together three teens with fame in their future, in a city that's 'certainly not an epicenter of theater'

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