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More 2010 Drama

Whoops, that last was my first post of 2010--! Thought I had posted... something. Dang, I didn't even tell everybody HAPPY NEW YEAR!! How remiss.

So anyway, I get the e-mail to Burges squared away. Before that, I had to try to straighten out Chicago Sun-Times columnist Laura Washington, who I respect a lot, but she... Well, in a column literally nagging about obesity, she put her foot in her mouth.

(I just wanna know, did NO ONE at the Sun-Times look over her column before it was printed?? Because she might have spared herself a great deal of embarrassment or whatever she's feeling about this.)

You don't need to read the whole article; you'll spot the error in these first few paragraphs...

From 2/22/2010:  Kevin Smith is in denial, and it'll kill him by Laura Washington

It's Groundhog Day for the Fat Nag. Time for the Nag to emerge from hibernation and cast her shadow big-time. In recent months, the Nag had been on a break from her crusade to nudge, cajole, convince and yes--nag us -- to get the fat off.

Now she's back to weigh in on the latest only-in-America drama, "Flying While Fat," starring Kevin Smith. He's fat and he's proud.

Who's Kevin Smith? I had never heard of the guy. I suspect I am not alone (his obscurity is probably one motive behind his headline-hungry rants). Turns out Smith is an actor, director and comedian whose credits include Hollywood gems like "Mallrats."

My response (which is further down that same Sun-Times page)

valsadie wrote:


I know and understand why you write a Fat Nag column every year. And this situation must have seemed like a perfect segue. But you really didn't help your case by not finding out who Kevin Smith is -- which is kind of doubly embarrassing as Roger Ebert was one of Kevin Smith's earliest boosters. The picture you cobbled together of Smith and his motivations -- based on little more than your own assumptions -- is so off-base, no one could possibly take the rest of your column seriously. What's really too bad is that the misinformation that fueled the Sun-Times commentary on this last week -- also placing Smith in a negative light -- made it into your column, despite reports all around that told the *whole* story, including Smith's own in his podcast. I'm going to chalk up your not knowing Smith to being generational, especially since Smith's film casts have often included Chris Rock, along with appearances in his films by Wanda Sykes, Rosario Dawson, S. Epatha Merkerson, and Tisha Campbell. As you stress with obesity-related heath matters, get informed!