Valsadie (valsadie) wrote,

LaFawnduh (part 2)

Oh that's who LaFawnduh is--! That quiz might be more frighteningly accurate than I realized. I mean, I do have some sweet mix tapes... somewhere...

It just means that I finally saw Napoleon Dynamite (and luckily I'd read up just enough on the movie to know that there was a wedding in there somewhere despite the credits rolling on and on--interesting approach). Now I understand the utter divisiveness this movie inspired all summer--some who were into it, some who were bored and totally despised it. Me? Hey, Canned Heat is one of my favorite Jamiroquai songs! I'm feelin' no pain :>!

What was cool was to watch the flick with the captions on, which let me see the lyrics to the tune as the scene went on. Very cool.

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