February 3rd, 2006

Val Spring 2010

And I wish I was in Grapevine...

This weekend Grapevine, Texas will be hosting Frightmare Weekend, a horror film convention that has attracted a gathering of horror cognoscenti like few others before it (mainly because it's being held in February and not in the summer nor fall, which is when all the others are happening, fighting tooth and nailgun amongst each other for guests!). Ol' Joe Bob Briggs is gonna be there, hosting what will probably be the most interesting event, a 20th anniversary cast and crew reunion of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2--which is ironic, as he's part of the cast of the film himself, at least technically; his one scene, in which he more or less played himself (and also co-wrote), was cut out of the Final Print. Continuing the irony into the digital age, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 has been released on DVD, and was released on home video* before, but the only home movie version of the film that includes extra footage, including Joe Bob's scene, is the (gulp!) laserdisc version?!!? Good grief, it may as well be on kinescope!

[*NOTE: The Anchor Bay home video release version includes Joe Bob's scene, but copies of this are few and far-between, and it is completely out of print.]

This weekend I'll be preparing for the convention I really am going to by playing my new game!