February 4th, 2006

Val Spring 2010

(slaps head) Well, obviously *this* is why I'm still single--!

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Heard about this study on today's broadcast of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! It's my own fault; my friends have been warning me to be more boring for years!

Funny Women Don't Often Impress Men
(original headline: Why Men Don't Fancy Funny Women)
by Roger Dobson

Heard the one about the comedienne who tried to lure a man with her best gags? Well, they fell rather flat, because most men find funny women a turn-off.

Research published in a leading academic journal confirms what many female comics - and funny women - have long suspected: men are frightened by their brand of humour.

While men might chuckle at the odd gag, when it comes to finding a long-term companion they do not want a partner who will fire a stream of witty repartee at them, according to the study carried out by academics at some of the world's top universities.

"Men see being funny as a male thing," explained Dr Rod Martin, who led the project.

The findings are published in the scientific journal Evolution and Human Behaviour.

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Val Spring 2010

Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore? (Part Three 1/2)

I wasn't going to mention our latest celeb breakup (see below) because these two never quite made it to the altar. Then again, I could be very cynical and say that such status ensures they'll have the cheapest and "easiest" break-up of any celeb on the list so far--!

Lance Armstrong & Sheryl Crow Split

Arguably, this relationship began while Lance was still married. Even when the husband does divorce his wife and it leaves him free to marry the mistress, he either doesn't marry her and they later split up, or he does marry her and they divorce mere months later. These relationships almost never, ever work out. Trust me...

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