April 13th, 2006

Val Spring 2010

Who Knows (and Who *Doesn't* Know) the Pointer Sisters

OK, first, the morning radio deejay at one of Chicago's "urban radio stations" played "Neutron Dance" talking about how June sang lead on it (no, it's oldest sister Ruth).

And then the early print edition of USA TODAY today had a brief news item about June's death while showing a picture of sister Bonnie (who looks good in the photo, but that's not the point). The online edition at USATODAY.com managed to sidestep this error by picking up the AP story on June Pointer's death.

This is like that E! True Hollywood Story on Janet Jackson when it kept showing pictures of the group, DeBarge, and kept doing close-ups of El (real name: Eldra) when it was James that she was married to (it's that lead singer thing).

Not to worry, though; Margo Jefferson's book, On Michael Jackson, compounded this error, by saying that Janet was married to James "El" DeBarge. I wrote her publisher a letter (see below) but I guess it was too late...

Is it that hard to check the facts (I mean, just what do all these people have in common, hmmm)?? Where's Steve Ivory when you need him?!

And while we're on the subject of E! and the Jacksons, why isn't Paula Abdul's years-long affair with Jackie Jackson--which assisted in breaking up his marriage--part of her E! True Hollyweird Story? I mean, how do people think Paula met Janet anyway, in order to start choreographing her music videos--?!

Questions, questions, questions...

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