April 23rd, 2006

Val Spring 2010

Short Takes

Haven't I seen you in this movie before?
Bruce Willis, 16 Blocks
Harrison Ford, Firewall
Michael Douglas, The Sentinel

More on The Sentinel...
Good for Kiefer to take a break from playing a crime-fighting federal government employee trying to protect the president from a lethal conspiracy from within on 24, so he could do this movie and play someone so... different... heh.

Yes, the Clark Johnson that directed the film is the guy who played Detective Meldrick Lewis on Homicide.  I don't know if he ever said, "But what I really want to do is direct," but that's what he's doing!

Finally, some people I know might care that Blair Brown is in this film. I just wanna know why Days and Nights of Molly Dodd isn't on DVD yet--! Luckily there's cool fan web sites like John Crawford's to reminisce and remember... Thanks, John! The show's a must see, especially if you think that it's on Alias that Victor Garber first did morally ambiguous. Or that TV's first accidentally pregnant single woman lead character who's unsure of her child's paternity was Murphy Brown. Hmph! (And if you ever run into John Glover, ask him to tell ya 'bout "Bal'mer!" sometime!)

Ba-Rrrrris-Co! / Where are they now?
The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. is finally out on DVD, the entire season-and-a-half in a single set, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.: The Complete Series. The heading above is how recurring character Pete Hutter pronounced Brisco's name. Where are they now? Oh, the show's surviving creator (R.I.P. Jeffrey Boam) and the actors of the show are all doing such lame stuff now! Co-creator Carlton Cuse is exec-prod of that weird little island show nobody watches. Aforementioned Hutter was played by John Pyper-Ferguson, who recently played someone nick-named "Stinger" on the remake of that 1970s sci-fi show. 6'05" Julius Lord Bowler Carry is probably in no way convincing in that pilot for the series based on that NBA player's blog. Nobody ever hires Billy John Bly Drago for anything, and certainly not horror movies! Christian Socrates Poole Clemenson has had roles on that little law show and that little girl detective show, and appears in that little plane movie that nobody's talking about. And all I can say is thank goodness that series star Bruce Brisco County Jr. Campbell grew up with that Sam Raimi guy in Detroit, or we'd never see him doing anything. Nice 5 minutes (combined) in the Spider-Man movies. Maybe someday he'll get himself together to do more in films, TV, video games, and even books... Sheesh!
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