May 7th, 2006

Val Spring 2010

Answers to Firefly Friending Meme

Name: Val
Age: 38
Location: Insignificant southern suburb of CHICAGO

How long have you been a Firefly fan? Since the show aired (in the wrong order) on FOX
Why did you begin watching the show? 'Cause of Joss, 'cause I loved Buffy and Angel. Because I knew Ron Glass and I knew he wouldn't pick just anything in which to return to TV. Because I knew Gina from Hercules and Xena and she's The Coolest. I liked Nathan, I loved Adam, and it just looked like it was going to be a really cool show!
Character you're most like or identify with the best? I wish I could say Zoe, but I'm probably the Kaylee of the piece.

Favourite episode(s): "Shindig"
Favourite character(s): Nah--all of them!
Favourite 'ship(s): Firefly
Favourite quote(s): Wash: That's like something out of science fiction! Zoe: You live on a space ship, dear.
Favourite scene(s): Torture scene/debate over Zoe between Wash and Mal
Is there anything in the fandom you dislike (ie. character/episode/certain types of fanfic/fanfic pairings etc.)? No.

Other fandoms you follow: Whedonverse, Xena/Hercules, some of the Star Trek, some of the Star Wars, Babylon Five, Lois & Clark (arguably the First Internet Fandom!)
Hobbies: Pop Culture (TV, Music, Movies, Books), Designing web sites
What can people expect to read in your LJ? Quizzes and musings on pop culture
Anything else? Nah. I'm saving the rest for my Tonight Show appearance ;> -- but it you hate Jay Leno, my best advice right now if you're feeling low and hopeless about your life is go out and get Teri Hatcher's book Burnt Toast!!

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