September 8th, 2006

Aaron & Lea Hernandez

I knew this would be a rough week because September 3 marked the second anniversary of my brother Aaron's death. Some of you may know that Aaron created the blog, I've been a kind of caretaker of it since he died. I wrote an entry for the blog on September 3 marking the date.

Aaron mentioned comics artist Lea Hernandez on his blog many times, as he enjoyed her work. And with his blog, the feeling became mutual. I'd noticed that Lea had gotten some headlines during this year's San Diego Comic-con and I was happy about that, that she was getting some attention. I didn't write her and tell her that--but she took the time last month to send a message to my Mom, talking about missing Aaron. And I was so happy and amazed she did that--and it made me miss Aaron even more, that he's not here to see some of the things happening for her now. That's why I was so unhappy to hear about Lea's house fire on Wednesday, which, although she and her daughter got out safely, still did destroy half of her house (and so all of it, really), along with a few of her family pets and years worth of art work. You can read more about this at her LiveJournal site at  <>. I'm sending on a donation through PayPal. And I'm praying that she can get through this.

Val Spring 2010

Lovett It!

OK, people, this is it! I'm on my way to Ravinia to see The Man, The Myth, The Texan: Lyle Lovett!

And no, I don't expect to integrate... well, not too much, anyway.

Meanwhile, I might take some time this weekend to go Star Trekkin' across the universe, since they're all right here in my town and all (I can't figure out for the life of me why this is being held here in Chicago as opposed to, say, Vegas, or even Burbank, but, well, never look a gift Klingon in the mouth I always say ;P!)

OMG! There was a Star Trekkin' video?!?

OMG! There really was a Star Trekkin' video. How did I miss this!?!