March 29th, 2007

Val Spring 2010

Showtime, good lookin' out!/The Tudors

As Showtime made the first episode of  "This American Life" available for free online, I wondered if they'd do the same for "The Tudors." And I was wrong--they don't have the first episode available online.

They have the first AND the second episodes of "The Tudors" available online!! Go to:

(The message about the episodes being edited seems to apply to there being brief notes about subscribing to Showtime within them. The episodes themselves are rated TV 14.)

And see all the official clips/trailers for the show from YouTube user CBS (Showtime is owned by CBS, and so has "Tudors" clips mixed in with the "King of Queens" and Katie Couric stuff)

Enjoy :>!!

edited to add: OK, also a little blurring of some body parts...!