July 8th, 2007

Val Spring 2010

Just watched "The Three Doctors"

I watched "The Three Doctors" via Netflix Instant Watch, meaning I watched it right on my computer for free! So I must stop thinking my Netflix sub is worthless just because I won't watch the two romantic comedies I've the misfortune to have at home now, even though I've been in something less than a romantic comedy mood since the rented DVDs arrived... some two (?) months ago!

Anyway! The episode was absolutely hilarious! I've never seen it all the way through before. Oh, the days when no "Doctor Who" episode was complete without a visit to the rock quarry...!

Forgot I'd be seeing and would recognize Katy Manning--despite her wearing clothes. Forgot about the poor Brigadier and his eternal incorruptible thickness. And to watch a "Doctor Who" episode where there's a character wandering around called "Dr. Tyler" was all sorts of distracting, on top of everything else.

But of course, the real question: When the First Doctor disses the Second and Third by seeing and saying that he becomes "a dandy and a clown," well, my goodness, which was which ;>??

It was very funny--and sometimes intentionally! Hey, what did ever happen to Bessie? She'd be a hoot to drive around now--!

And I also finally got to see "Strangers on a Train," which was marvelous (although I guess I missed Hitch's secret cameo--?). I'm SO loving this Instant Watch deal!!