August 19th, 2007

Val Spring 2010

TV Commercials/Series Trailers Post!

That TV commercial playing the old "Brazil" song, one of those synchronized credit card vs. money commercials, I think--? They need to quit. If you've ever seen the movie, "Brazil," that song's cheery happiness has been tainted for you forever.

Coolest TV commercial right now? That would be the new DirecTV one with Sigourney Weaver. Proof that real actors can't be upstaged, no matter how much CGI you use!

Funniest commercial? Martin Scorcese's American Express Members Project commercial. And yes, Martin is the funniest in it--no offense to David Alan Basche. Or Ellen's odd exploding bikini story. Martin replaces himself from his American Express commercial a few years ago when he's picking up the pictures from his nephew's birthday party and he's very deeply unsatisfied with them--"I've lost the narrative thread!... Hey, Timmy! This is your Uncle Marty. How'd you like to turn five again?"

OK, so someone leaked to YouTube the basic test video for the upcoming promos for the second season of "Ugly Betty," which features Mika's song, "Big Girl (You are Beautiful)." The test video mixes together clips from the first season of "Ugly Betty," some with funky video effects; clips from the actual music video to the song, which has Mika in a barber shop and then walking through a street market and a park with some dancing bosomy company; and Mika in a recording studio singing the new lyrics, especially the chorus--changing "Big girl/You are beautiful" to "Hey Betty!/You are beautiful!"

There's another video that you can watch on YouTube which is the actual making of the Mika "Ugly Betty" promo. America Ferrera is at the heart of it and she comes off so well, so poised. Can't wait for the real thing!

And ask and you shall receive--here's the new "Ugly Betty" promo with Mika's special song version!

And here's the cleaned-up version of the test video!