August 26th, 2007

Val Spring 2010

Whitney Young HS Alumnus, Katrina Adams

One of my classmates at Whitney Young in the 1980s who I never got to speak to because we never had any classes together was Katrina Adams, but I read about her all during that time and afterwards. She was the number one high school tennis player in the state back then, and she went on to blaze trails from Young to the US Open and Wimbledon. She never became a big name, but she's remained strong in the tennis world. I've seen her a couple of times this year, ironically enough. She just turned up in a report that ran during the Arthur Ashe Kids' Day, which was on the Harlem Junior Tennis Program, of which she is the Executive Director. And earlier this year, I heard her doing commentary for some of the French Open matches on the Tennis Channel. I expect she'll turn up tomorrow at the U.S. Open Althea Gibson ceremony, although I'm not sure she's scheduled to speak.

Hey, like me, she is also not yet a college graduate! We should finally meet and start a support group, dishing on how we're bringing down Young's college grad success percentage rate ;>!!!