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January 11th, 2008

My god, he was only 40-years-old!

Here he is in 1992--"Bowman the Showman" indeed!

This song kinda freaks me out...

Intriguingly, Mark Ronson's newest single is named "Valerie." Turns out it's a not-very-old-song, originally done by the band, The Zutons (right, never heard of them either!). I tried to make it through Ronson's music video version, but couldn't, because, well, beyond the song taking forever to just start in the video, Amy Winehouse is singing lead on the song in that creepy crackpipe voice of hers (not badly; just creepy!), and she wasn't available for the music video and so there are these other women lip-syncing to her vocal--all of which was just too darn distracting to try to get through the song proper!

So I hit up Rhapsody and listened to the original Zutons version and it's a pretty cool song--but the lyrics kinda freak me out, because it's all about the narrator pining, pining, pining for Valerie, when I've been dragging around lately, thinking about how I've always been the Betty, never the Veronica, in the Archie Andrews Riverdale High of life and I'm always the piner, never the pinee (which sucks, btw). Plus it's funny that the Valerie in the song has "ginger hair" when right now, my hair is redder than it's ever been. And the "Are you still dizzy?" line is hideously flaky!!

The Zutons "Valerie" -- which was a single in the UK in 2006.

Oh, and that other thing...

Anybody else getting phone calls from the UK--according to your caller ID, anyway--but whoever is calling never leaves a message--? No? So just me then? Great. Figures!