January 20th, 2008

Val Spring 2010

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WGA Writers Strike. The AMPTP's willful, decades-long myopia about the importance of writers in Hollywood now seems rooted in a maleficent as well as artificial view of the world, bent on blind, arrogant self-destruction. I don't see what's so impossible about the WGA demands. It is labor and the writers should be paid accordingly; the content is being used again and again and the writers especially should be paid accordingly.

I have personally found no fewer than three web sites that have near-identical collections of NBC/Fox TV series available online, old and new. There's hulu.com, to which you need to submit your e-mail address to be a part of its private beta group--which is essentially defeated when you access Hulu on AOL, which is free to anyone. And then there's the new Comcast Fancast, also free to anyone. But you want to know what they all have in common, beyond their content (which range from "House" to "Cleopatra 2525" to "Nanny and the Professor," bless their hearts)? They all have SPONSORS, "limited commercial interruptions" from Intel or Saturn or Nissan or Toyota, etc etc etc! In other words, the studios are making money from these--every last episode of every show!

Meanwhile, I simply cannot imagine all the studio drones who must "just happen to be" strolling through the tree-sheltered pathways of UCLA and USC screenwriting programs these days. It is sick and disgusting and I hope the students aren't falling for it. I have refused to understand the lack of professional courtesy extended to writers as opposed to the directors and actors and other crew in that town. And it has always been this way! I don't know what Hollywood's problem is. It all starts with the script. Without the script, there's nothing to direct, nothing to act, nothing to light, nothing to costume--there's nothing to shoot, period. And this whole "blame the victim" mentality has always been an old, old, old anger for me. I'm not impressed, AMPTP. Work it out! I don't care if there's no Oscars--and if someone would take five seconds to remember the ever dwindling TV ratings for the annual program, they'd realize how little anyone else cares, either! Pay the writers and move on.

Although I can't help but wonder what the networks will do as the strike goes on and maybe the truly impossible will come to light--like reruns of "Monk" and "Psych" show up on the networks. Fox shows "Firefly" after "American Idol"--and in the right order this time!!! NBC starts showing episodes of "Doctor Who" in the "Heroes" time slot, starting with its 2005 premiere and calling it "that show from overseas that stars Claude"--! CW starts showing "Life on Mars" in the "Supernatural" time slot. CBS completely swallows its pride and apologizes to those who sat through the ultralame "Viva Laughlin" by showing the original "Blackpool" series and its sequel (albeit with somewhat necessary subtitles). ABC, not to be left out of the BBC feeding frenzy, picks up "Hotel Babylon"--and just for good measure, nicks "The Librarians" from Australian "ABC" TV!

Now THAT would be fun TV :)!!!
Val Spring 2010

FYI: The hottest lesbian comedy NOT on TV!

From the MySpace blog of Skinny Arbuckle--

Sunday, January 20, 2008

What I've been doing on my WGA strike vacation

Just want to start a little buzz for two indy projects that I've been involved with over the strike.


this is the site for "3 Way", an internet sitcom about 3 lesbians and 1 hetero chick. starring 2 actual lesbians. can you imagine? Webisodes will begin posting in about two weeks. But you can read about the actors, see the opening credits and learn more about all of us who are involved by going to the site now.

also, check out TRANNY MCGUYVER. there is a short viral video clip up now, and we just completed shooting a new TRANNY MAC episode that'll begin flooding the queer market shortly. Stay tuned for more details on that.