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February 11th, 2008

THIS is what Web 2.0 is all about--!

OMG! Back in 2001, I wrote a review of the 1996 home video, I Want My MTV, for the Internet Movie Database. One big part of it was describing the film short, "Code Name: Cobalt," which stars (the delightful and underrated actor) Toby Huss. Well, somebody posted "Code Name: Cobalt" to YouTube and used that part of my review as the description! So cool :)!!!!!

Check it out!

My Description:
"Code Name: Cobalt," is a pre-"Austin Powers" 1960s James Bond spy parody in which Toby Huss plays nearly all the parts, including those of spy hero Cobalt, bad guy Bootsy, and his blonde lover laying in bed waiting for him. Huss is so campy and fun, and the device of him playing most of the parts so effective, that it makes you wish you had Mike Myers' phone number, so you could call and ask him point blank if "Cobalt" played any part in the creation of that "Austin Powers" movie, hmm? (written by Joyela- who is right)
Your Rockstar Name Is...

Lipstick Scorpian
You Go For Brains!

You want a guy with a big... brain.
And of course it would be nice if he were a total hottie, but you're not counting on it.
What's on the inside is what counts for you. (Besides, you can always change the outside later!)