March 17th, 2008

Prince, Sexiest Vegetarian

Rock star CD-ROM PC Games (all my PC gaming sins revealed!)

(lightly cross-posted)

I'm doing a lot of moving and shifting in the house right now, which led me to a box in the back of a room that's in the back of the house that was filled with bunches of mid-1990s CD-ROM PC games--oy (vey)! Yeah, talk about my PC gaming sins revealed. The three that really stood out -- because I'd kept the completely oversized boxes that they came in, always a questionable packaging choice from the mid-1990s multimedia powers-that-be -- were the CD-ROM PC game from Sting, All This Time; the CD-ROM game from Prince, Interactive; and the CD-ROM PC game where you scored points by buying and editing together songs and video clips into music videos, Total Distortion.

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