April 4th, 2008


They could not take your PRIDE!

Before she died (which was ten years ago as of February), my grandmother told me about what she did the morning after Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered. 

She got on the train to head to work (she was someone's maid). And there was hardly anybody on it. The other people in the neighborhood were clearly not heading in to work that day. She remembered exchanging glances with one guy who made it pretty clear that going in to work the day after that was just... just not right. So you know what she did--? She got off at the next stop and got on the train heading in the other direction, back home, and when she got home, she called the woman she was working for and told her that she would not be coming in to work that day. She just... wasn't. (The woman completely understood.)

I know other people probably have more militant-sounding stories, or have first-hand accounts of all the rioting and looting. And everybody knows about James Brown and Boston (I always think--wish?--it's Detroit).

So ask your family members today: what did you do that day?


John Legend performs PRIDE (In The Name of Love)