April 6th, 2008

Nichelle Nichols, Uhura

News story on cell phone reliance

ETA: Correction!

Or rather, on certain cell phone users. Mo Rocca's story was broadcast on CBS Sunday Morning this morning, and the transcript is here. Video is forthcoming, I guess.

The video embedded below is the actual news story on this, mostly taking place in the UK. Mo Rocca's story is a funny commentary on it. I'll post that when it's available.

No, not strictly blackfolk (to which this is cross-posted, with mistaken video embed and all!)--but you'll know if you resemble these remarks. I don't; in fact, I've watched the ever-growing reliance with ever-growing alarm. Pretty much my feeling is this:


(And nobody gets hurt--!)

And finally (!), what I was originally trying to spotlight, video of Mo Rocca's commentary: