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April 28th, 2008

Priorities Quiz

I thought this one would be off base because of the questions asked, but the results are way on target.

What's Important to You... And What Isn't:

For you, entertainment is usually your number one priority.

You find getting things done to be incredibly stressful. You don't like having things to do.

You attend to almost every priority in your life. You don't neglect much.

You want money to be a high priority, but you don't often get around to it.

You Are Muesli

You are broad minded and cosmopolitan.

Your tastes are varied and numerous.

You like many types of things. You definitely aren't picky.

The only thing you can't stand is being bored.

You're the kind of person who can't have the same breakfast often.

Your breakfast is unpredictable, unique, and very varies.

Val on UK's bebo!

Just dropping a line that I recently joined the UK MySpace/Facebook equivalent, bebo.com! As I mentioned in the Doctor Who group, it's the only way to see some the longer previews for this year's episodes, as the official BBC Doctor Who web site blocks access to anyone not in the UK.


If you're over there, feel free to friend me :)!