May 4th, 2008

Terence Trent D'Arby, Sananda Maitreya

Vids from overseas!

Was introduced to the 2006 "Skinny" music video from the UK just today -- lovely large ladies in lingerie (I keep forgetting I can be sexy) (sexy for whom is still up for grabs, but well, one step at a time--!)!!

And also, say what you like, but don't ever say I didn't warn you about the Schnuffel Bunny from Germany! You'll either think it's just the cutest thing alive--or you will gag. Repeatedly. Yes, it's just that simple--!

It's No. 71 on the USA iTunes music video chart as of this writing.

No, I don't know when Germany started adding Lithium to its drinking water--!

Schnuffel Bunny

Is Schnuffel Bunny the Next 'Crazy Frog?'
By Eliot Van Buskirk 
March 24, 2008 | 12:17:13 PM