July 19th, 2008

David Tennant, Doc10

My mail from the UK! or, Why I sent pounds sterling overseas despite the heinous exchange rate!

So this week I got not just one but *two* letters from the UK:

1) By registered mail, I got something I'd completely forgotten about, namely a personally autographed photo of David Tennant, courtesy of Headway Essex.

David tennant Headway Essex Photo

Headway Essex is a medical center that focuses on brain injuries, which helped inform Tennant on a film he did with Sarah Parish (he should work with her more often ;>), "Recovery," which probably never has and probably never will be shown here in the States. The center sounded really interesting and I donated money to get the card, as described here. I told them that if they were out of cards by now, it was okay. But they did have one to send me, apparently. Tennant signed a thousand of them, so good thing he can just grow another hand if it became numb--and yes, I'm sorry for injecting a "Doctor Who" in-joke there !

2) I had the nerve to be ever-so-slightly disappointed when I opened the registered letter to get the Tennant photo because I thought that it was something else--which arrived by regular mail the next day, thankfully! I am proud to announce that I am a Golden Sock Angel!!

Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre

(OK, if you don't know I have a su-preme-ly silly side by now, you're just not paying attention--!)

A Sock Angel is someone who sent a donation to the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre so that they could travel to and entertain at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. What is that? Not a clue! (OK, not completely true, I know it's an arts festival. Bu that's all I know--and that's on the web site!)

Seriously, I bumped into the Socks accidentally on YouTube one night, and *I* thought they were funny. And when I saw their "Socks Appeal" video, I thought that if I could help them do something, why not--?

Here's their "Torchwood" parody, "Torchwool"--!

I shan't be sending any more money overseas, though.

If for no other reason, then to discourage my ever again saying "shan't"--!