August 4th, 2008

David Hamlet Tennant

So... no tights, then?

Completely brushed past all the news reports that said David Tennant's production of "Hamlet" with Patrick Stewart would be a modern day retelling -- and so no tights. Rather, he's dressed like some kind of vagabond (dare I say street gangsta ;>? kidding!) at the beginning of the play (see user icon) and then seems to spend the rest of the play in a tuxedo with no tie (!?!). Links to articles, most of which have photos from the dress rehearsal, below...

Use this link to get the latest news on the play -- which goes over to Google News using the terms: Tennant Stewart Hamlet. Press night is Tuesday.

Tennant as Hamlet--pah! Here's the best Hamlet EVER!!!

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Curious to see how much of my YouTube playlist will play here embedded...

...since some of the vids don't allow embedding.

Valsadie Techno Playlist
(sorta misnamed 'cause there's some Ting Tings and Zutons and other thoroughly underappreciated Brit and Euro bands mixed in with the Guetta and September and Kylie and crazynutty "Caramelldansen" Doctor Who vid that starts it off!)

(And you have to watch the second video, the Utah Saints vid, because it's just that funny!)

ETA: Of course since I mentioned the Ting Tings, their vids won't play here--!

Here's a link to the list on YouTube proper so you can see the whole nutty playlist.