September 4th, 2008


I weep today, my friends -- with tears, sweet tears of joy!!!

I weep today, because of the Republicans. Well, really just one Republican in particular -- Georgia Republican Rep. Lynn Westmoreland. My chest swells, my heart is full, because he remembered! Yes, as of yesterday, it has been four years since my brother's untimely death, and, in what can only be a beautiful, soaring tribute, Rep. Westmoreland called Senator Barack Hussein Obama, the first truly African American nominee for President of the United States of America, quote, "uppity," unquote. I am so touched that the Republicans are keeping the word, deed, and spirit of Uppity Negroes and alive.

Praise be the Republicans!!!

Those unrepentant jackasses...
Oh, l'll admit not all of them are...
But some of them--!