October 18th, 2008

Bruce Campbell, Army of Darkness

Val's Tech Support 101--no, 001!--to People Who Think They Don't Need to RTFM

If you buy a router and don't read the instruction manual and instead of using the adapter cord that came with the router, you just use some random adapter cord from something else that's just lying around the house, but looks like it will fit despite the voltage numbers not quite being the same, please don't be surprised if the router doesn't work.

Double points if you realize that maybe the router's not going to work because that adapter cord connection STARTS SMOKING--?!

Triple points for disconnecting the whole mess without getting electrocuted and/or causing an electrical fire.

BUT ALL POINTS NULLED if you think that all you need to do then is call Tech Support for help--&!%%$WTF$#@@!!!*!!