September 12th, 2009

Val Spring 2010

And today I became the same age as a relatively recent episode of "Doctor Who"

Happy co-birthday to singingpatient!

Call it boring but I was going to watch tennis a lot of the day -- make that live tennis, not the archived matches CBS has been forced to show due to the rain rain rain falling in New York, canceling and making a mess of the scheduled semi-final and final matches. Usually, the women's final would have been presented with much pomp and circumstance tonight (the 2001 final, which was the weekend before 9/11 and was the first one to feature Venus vs. Serena, had none other than Ms. Diana Ross singing -- "God Bless America," I think). With the weather, they'll be lucky to get either women's semi-final done, one of which has former champ Serena playing against former champ Kim Clijsters (the other has two complete unknowns, giving you an idea of how freakin' off-kilter the draw was, but I digress...).

I'm going to a restaurant I've never been to before -- I know, risky for a birthday, but I live on the edge, man, I live on the edge.

I've been putting together all my birthday free stuff coupons -- the postcard for a free pizza from that neighborhood family-owned pizzeria, the free lip gloss coupon from Sephora, the special 15% off coupon from Borders. Some company's frequent customer programs are quite cool :)!

Enjoying my day...