December 31st, 2009

Val Spring 2010

Val's 2009, YouTube Style!

A few years ago, I put together a YouTube playlist of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video and other spoofy versions and tributes to it. This week came the news that the Library of Congress has named "Thriller" to the National Film Registry--a high compliment indeed! Michael did always call his music videos "short films" and not videos, and apparently the Library of Congress concurred. It's great--but naturally bittersweet. The most wonderful things have been happening with Michael's work -- ever since he died and is no longer here, which makes me so sad... But then, on the flipside, hey, can Michael's estate pay John Landis already?? Landis first mentioned in 2008 that, yay, the 25th anniversary for the video, but also yeah, I'm still owed money for it, and he ended up filing suit early this year. At least get that together...

Michael Jackson Thriller Playlist on YouTube Watch the Michael Jackson Thriller Playlist over at YouTube (since Sony doesn't like embedding!!). At this writing, the playlist is at 590,847 views.

Meanwhile, as usual, I heard lots of kick-ass dance tunes this year -- some actually from 2009, some much older -- whose music videos are collected on my other YouTube playlist --

2009 Tunes Playlist by valsadie at YouTube Watch 2009 Tunes over at YouTube (again with that embed issue with some of them)