Valsadie (valsadie) wrote,

What time is it?

Woke up in the nude again this morning
Don't know exactly where I am...

I have to stop doing this. At any rate, the beer goggles weren't too thick last night. This guy--whoever he is--is really cute and curly-headed and hung like a bear! I'll have trouble walking for weeks--weeks, I tell ya--

OK, OK, enough of that :>. No, I just slept with Lonny again. And feeling less and less guilty about it. Not that I should--he's not married, after all, unless his devotion to God is actually some kind of brokeback arrangement! And not that I'm going to broadcast it all over Creation--or Philadelphia--but you'd think I could. You'd think people would be happy to find out that their lovely brown-eyed curly-haired well-hung priest is having a sexual relationship with a grown, adult female, instead of indulging in the Michael Jackson Follies, but (sigh) that wouldn't necessarily make them happy either. Who came up with this cockamamie celibacy thing anyway?? It's insane--I mean, if there's anything women know how to do--especially women who know how to take ahold of the holy staff and drink, swallow down the white-as-milk fruits of its coming righteousness--it's how to make a man scream, "JESUS!"

But I digress... Sigh... I digress...

I foresee a weekend of listening to naughty Tori songs.

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