Valsadie (valsadie) wrote,

Que Sera Sera

'Cause she is drawn to the fire
Some people never learn

So after the Valencia concert--and good GOD, WHEN are they taking the stage?? Why do they have, like, 18 opening acts?!--I have arranged to meet my favorite man-of-the-cloth.

BFF B. just keeps shaking her head and drawing on her 'rette. "You are so going to Hell. I just--I can't believe either of you. Are you sure this isn't just some kind of one-night-stand, Saint Luke/Chapter Four temporarily succumbing to temptation thing?"

All eight times, or just the first time?

"Christ! Why are you so damn happy about it?? This is like a major disaster for him!"

I looked into my lap. You hear that, babe? You're a disaster!

"Tell me how this happened again."

It's my fault entirely. I'm pretty sure if we'd slept together back in high school eight years ago, this would so not be happening now.

"And why didn't you sleep with him back in high school?"

I mock-gasped! I was saving myself for marriage!

Finally B. laughs! "Oh god! So what happened to that?"

What happens is you find out marriage is the real disaster and you just try to be happy for now.

"OK, now you're depressing me. I'm the bitter divorcee, remember?"

And I'm the child of two divorces. So I think that makes us even... or something.

B. just shook her head. "I'm still not seeing this work out here, girlfriend."

Oh, please! I'm stealing him from God, not Oprah! Then I'd be scared shitless!

B. started laughing again. And shook her head again. And then the waiter came back, asked how we were doing, although he said it sounded like we were having a good time, etc etc etc

B.'s crazy. How can I be going to Hell when I'm always sighing, even at times screaming, "Oh, God" over and over ;>?
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