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Valsadie@gmail.com has sent you an Ask Yahoo!

Why does Superman wear his underwear on top of his clothes?


Dear Yahoo!:
Why does Superman wear his underwear on top of his clothes?
Brisbane, Australia
Dear Andy:
Superheroes are a strange breed, often doing things we mortals don't understand. Why does Superman wear his unmentionables on top of his clothes? Hey, man, who the heck knows! Why does Wonder Woman bother with an invisible jet? Why does the Hulk insist on sporting purple pants? Such questions plague us, and if we had the chance, we'd move to Tibet and ponder them for a year. But our time is limited, so let's set our sights on Superman's skivvies.

According to Superman through the Ages, several theories attempt to explain the origin of his peculiar costume. In a 1940 comic, Superman says he invented the costume himself from "cloth immune to the most powerful forces." (Look out, Tommy Hilfiger.) A few years later, it's revealed that Superman's adoptive mother constructed the outfit from blankets found wrapped around the infant when he landed on Earth.

More recent comics state that the costume "acquired its indestructibility...as the result of being transported from the planet Krypton." Well, OK, but why does the Man of Steel dress like an '80s aerobics instructor? If we had to hazard a guess, we'd say it's for aesthetics and nothing more. Without the red trunks, he'd look like a male ballerina in blue pantyhose. And not even Superman could pull off that look.