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SO enjoying my trip to the 80s!

As I said here, it really is embarrassing how much I'm enjoying the 80s actors reappearing on General Hospital--freakin' giddy does not begin to explain it! Emma Samms! Tristan Rogers! Finola Hughes! Tony Geary! Kimberly McCullough!

Seeing Rick Springfield has been a kick because I remember the absolute craters he had under his eyes, trying to act on the show all week and then tour all over the place, playing concerts every weekend. I was praying his character would leave the show, not because I disliked him, but because I was sincerely afraid for Rick's health--! (And actually, when I saw him last week, those craters looked like they're starting to re-form...)

Was it ever cool to like Rick's music? Yes, briefly, and then just as briefly, it wasn't. But just for the heck of it, I bought a Best of Rick Springfield cassette (to clue you in to how long ago this was) in 1990-1991 or so. And while I would have copped to liking one or two songs (one of which was not "Jesse's Girl," ironically enough), I found myself singing along to every word of just about every song--?! Yeah, we should at least be honest with ourselves, people!

But of course, the Main Course has been seeing Tony Geary (and more props on that "Luke's Christmas Carol" ep, Tony) reunited with all the actors that were there when I started watching the show--which was shortly after Genie Francis had left, unfortunately, and so a lot of its regular viewers had left too (or so they said). I haven't really had a Laura to miss, which is too bad--I really think Genie got quite the raw deal (isn't it bad enough that although I never watched the show in the Luke & Laura days, I still managed to catch the episode where Luke raped her??).

But as far as regular everyday viewing, I literally started out with Luke, Robert Scorpio, Holly (I think), and then the "other" Laura and that throaty-voiced girl, her sister, Jackie, for whom absolutely nothing ever happened ;->. They walked onboard some ship, sighing with relief for having escaped some big adventure or somesuch. And I was off...

Anna showed up later--with the fake scar!--and the daughter, Robin, who I always remember jumping rope for some reason. Today's show reminded me of the Duke Lavery character--and thank god, because it's been driving me crazy trying to remember where I'd seen AMC's  Ian Buchanan before, because I was sure it was a soap and yet the name wasn't familliar. But Buchanan and Hughes were a noted General Hospital supercouple.

I absolutely loved this show back then. It was so fun and so funny--plus it's been a kick to watch the show now and see some of the other people who've come back--or never left.

I'll tell ya, none other than Richard Roeper totally dated himself by referring to the 1980s Blackie character in his April 13 column. So just where is John Stamos?!

By that time, I knew the soaps could totally lie to the viewers. They said Blackie's character would be back in "six months." But Stamos was crying so hard I knew he'd probably never darken GH's door again. And he hasn't.

Why not?!?

Ok, just kidding. Actually, the only other thing I would have wanted to see was what I thought was the Most Magical Romance In The World (hey, I was 17!), the one between Frisco and Felicia. It wasn't until years later that I found out that the two were a couple off-screen, too, and had married and had kids, to boot! Alas, few loves last long, perhaps especially fairy tale ones, and the two are seeking divorce (again, it seems). I'm not sure any power on earth could make GH crazy enough to try to bring that back, which appears to have gotten quite messy, both onscreen and off.

Maybe All My Children will catch the fever and do a dream sequence that features Jenny & Greg and Jesse & Angie! And Tasia Valenza!